Our Team


Cofounder & Farmer

Raimee, cofounder of Blawesome, is a young farmer and musician. Raimee brings the spirit of Blawesome to life through his years of experience volunteering on community farms in and around Orange County, NC. He has a joyful energy and is committed to being an agent of positive change in the world. When he is not in the garden, Raimee enjoys watching Hayao Miyazaki films, writing stories, and hanging out with the crew at Reality Ministries. His favorite flowers are zinnias.


Cofounder & Designer

Rebecca Sorensen, MSW is the cofounder of Blawesome and parent to Raimee, Mason, and Dupree. Rebecca has worked in sustainable horticulture for over a decade, and as a Community Development Consultant for 20 years, organizing and implementing unique community initiatives to serve adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her work focuses on using natural interactions and processes to promote a meaningful and intentional human experience. Her favorite flowers are daisies.


Director of Operations

Michelle Morehouse, MLIS, brings her passion for service and inclusiveness to facilitate Blawesome’s mission. She has worked with various vulnerable populations during her human services career, utilizing innovation, community partnerships, and lots of spreadsheets! Her role as program manager at UNC’s Farm at Penny Lane introduced her to social care farming and she has been involved with the Southeastern Social Care Collective since its inception. Her favorite flower is whatever is blooming!