Community Connections

We invite you to get to know our partners and a few special community organizations we really admire. Blawesome believes that our flourishing is deeply intertwined and dependent on others flourishing. We need each other and are so much better together!

  • LocoPops is known for its unique and delicious frozen treats, specifically artisanal popsicles.

    In addition to their signature popsicles, LocoPops offers grocery items, gifts & cards, and Friday Night dinners for pickup.

    They support local schools with their Give Back Day(s), providing much needed funding.

    Meet LocoPops 
  • The Root Cellar is a place to savor comforting scratch-made food and as a community that celebrates fellowship with family and friends. Their food is created with the freshest ingredients from North Carolina farmers as much as possible. They’re committed to giving back to our community, including to our local schools and other organizations working hard to help those in need.

    Meet The Root Cellar 
  • Extraordinary Ventures is a non-profit with a mission to create and nurture self-sustaining small businesses with the philosophy that all people are employable.

    Meet Extraordinary Ventures 
  • RIverside Collective: A Maker's Space

    Meet Riverside Collective 
  • We're excited to share with you the work of Bright Black Candles, a local family-owned business with a manifested vision of "a world where the complexity, beauty, and brilliance of Blackness is widely known, recognized, embraced and celebrated." Their medium is candles, beautifully made with custom fragrances and wooden wicks. 

    Meet Bright Black Candles 
  • Doora ceramics brings stories on to clay. Their beautiful functional ceramics tell stories and are infused with personal meaning through imprinting actual objects into the clay. Click here to view our recent collaboration with Doora, vases whose design was created by pressing our flowers into the clay!

    Meet Doora 
  • B3 Coffee is a non-profit pop-up coffee stand dedicated to bringing people together with carefully crafted, specialty coffee. They serve as a platform of positive visibility and community connection for people of all abilities. One cup at a time, they aim to influence change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.

    Meet B3 Coffee 
  • Creature Camp Studio creates and sells eco-friendly stationary and pottery made to inspire kindness and joy.

    All profits go to each month’s chosen charity!

    Meet Creature Camp Studio 
  • Meals on Wheels of Orange County, NC implements its core values of community, inclusion, respect, and excellence to further its mission too nourish and enrich the lives of older adults through meal delivery and personal connections.

    Meet MOWNCOC 
  • NC AgVentures Logo

    NC AgVentures is an NC State Extension program that provides grants to NC family farms (incuding Blawesome!) and community organizations that support family farms, to develop new and innovative agricultural projects which will increase farm profits.

    Meet NC AgVentures 
  • Reality Ministries is rooted in the all-inclusive love of Jesus and the belovedness of every person. The RM community includes all sorts of difference…ability, race, ethnicity, faith, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, theological perspective, socioeconomic status, citizenship, & language. The folks at Reality Ministries are committed to fostering a community of respect and standing against all forms of discrimination; they seek to be a community of welcome where inherent dignity is affirmed, diverse gifts are celebrated, and the sacredness of every person is valued.

    Meet Reality Ministries 
  • The Care Farming Network advances the therapeutic use of farming practices by connecting new and established agricultural based programs to build capacity, increase quality, and provide technical support.

    Meet Care Farming Network 
  • Locally Grown facilitates direct interactions, aiming to foster a sustainable and transparent farm-to-consumer relationship, ensuring fresh, high-quality produce reaches consumers tables while supporting local farmers.

    Meet Locally Grown 
  • Launch Chapel Hill is a startup accelerator and community of innovators that values and supports all people to encourage innovative thinking, individual empowerment, community outreach, economic development, and impactful change that lifts us all.

    Meet Launch Chapel Hill.