What do we mean when we talk about social care? Inclusivity? And celebrating diversity?
Often, it takes a group of folks intimately involved with people who experience and process the world in a different way to energize a movement towards celebrating and acknowledging the unique contributions they have to offer to our communities through their presence, their work, and their absolute beauty in the joy and pride they exhibit in being given something so simple as the opportunity to share their efforts with the rest of the world.

As a mother, friend, and co-worker to someone on the autism spectrum, I had the extraordinary experience to participate in a market today that took special steps to highlight and beautifully showcase the work of so many amazing local artisans who so thoughtfully and creatively shared their hard work and entrepreneurial efforts.

It was a fabulous market, not solely because of the sales and the outpouring of support, but because of the ability I was given to witness the connection, the desire to attach meaning to commerce, and to be given a front row seat within which to witness the way inclusivity exists in our Chapel Hill community.

I wish that for every community.

Social care is about cultivating a system of natural support that is defined by local culture, and inviting EVERYONE in to participate, grow, and create communities that can offer a space and opportunity for empowerment, value, and a sense of belonging.

I am so grateful to Lisa Kaylie and Jacklyn Boheler for their vision and work to manifest such a space today. You are AMAZING and we CELEBRATE you and the work you do to make our world better❤️
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